Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Important Debit Card Information

Full access to your account is very important at all times.  Sometimes it seems as though debit cards choose to wait until the bank is closed to not work.  Below you will find some important numbers to call in case you have forgotten your PIN, lost your card or believe your card has been flagged for fraudulent activity.

We do encourage our customers to carry a second form of payment with them whenever possible.  

To change your PIN: 888-227-3096

If you lost your card: 877-226-2351


*Important information regarding our fraud detection service*

When your card is blocked because of potential fraudulent activity you should receive a text message or phone call from our fraud detection department.  These texts may be delayed by a few minutes after your transaction. 

We are proud to offer our customers fraud detection free of charge with their debit cards.  We realize that sometimes it can be frustrating when valid transactions are flagged as fraudulent, but we believe the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.  Our fraud detection department has stopped hundreds of fraudulent transactions over the years.